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Automatic Play Dough Cup Filling And Capping Machine

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1. Cup monochrome mud filling;

2. The production process: automatically separate cups individually to the filling chain, automatically squeeze mud, automatically quantify,automatically cut mud,automatically install cups,and automativally seal. Cover film, automatic completion of production;

3. Machine configuration, electronic control adopts Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC control, intelligent detection. With the gap precision segmentation precision station to complete sealing film, cutting film, cover;

4. Machine material: the mixing hopper is made of 304 stainless steel,Teflon has no touch and so on , and other parts with out special strength are made of alloy. Aluminum is light beautiful and applicable;

5. Machine appearance: the frame is made of powder spraying and baking, and it is durable. The machine panel is laid on stainless steel, rust proof.